Why Documentary Photography?


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Firstly I want to say how incredibly passionate I am about each and every wedding I document. I am constantly striving to capture the stories and characters that make every wedding day unique and I believe deeply that every wedding should be just that; unique. The truth is we all want amazing photos from our wedding day. After all they have to last forever and we want to look the best we can in every image. I believe very deeply that the way to get these beautiful and lasting images is by working very hard to capture the moments, the stories, the characters, the unique aspects of your day without interfering or setting up images.


Documentary Wedding Photographer Scotland


I always marvel that a couple have spent days, months, even years preparing for the happiest day of their lives and when that day finally comes amazing things just start to happen. Surrounding that couple are their family and friends in a special location and emotions, characters and stories are present and evolving all the time. These moments will happen only once and they are very brief.

A documentary photographer not only wants to capture all of this but tries to look beyond the obvious, what everyone else sees, in order to create many different layers and levels to what is going on. So I never interfere or ask anyone to do anything on their wedding day and spend my time looking constantly and anticipating what will happen next. I’m always surprised by what goes on and that is why I approach each and every wedding with a fresh desire to give my all and capture the essence of the day and the couple.


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I often see couples astounded not only at a beautiful picture, not only the layers of depth to the image that keep your attention, but that they missed all of it on their day. They are concentrating on their wedding and many of the running and timings of things not to mention that  they have just committed their lives to one another. So you have to rely on your photographer; you are literally trusting them to capture all the moments of the day.


Documentary Wedding Photographer Scotland


One of the huge advantages of this approach is time. Couples have lots more time to spend actually talking to friends and family on their wedding day and those images are where literally anything can happen. This is always a challenge and my approach is to be standing right there in amongst the guests to get the real narrative rather than standing far off with a zoom lens.


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Documentary Wedding Photographer Edinburgh

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Who knows what they will get up to?

Couple and Family Images


When family have come a long way for that special day some couples will want some family images and these can be nice to capture everyone at the event. This is something that I am asked often and I do take some more formal family images.

Similarly with couples I always like to capture some images of them together. One of my great passions is to capture couples as they are without posing on their day. If the focus is on the couple they won’t even notice me really and the emotions and images are timeless.


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Sometimes when you see a ‘wow image’ which is posed it will initially impress you but will ‘wow’ you gradually less and less. Even an amazing image or portrait will make you go “wow” and eventually you will become accustomed to it. For me a ‘wow image’ is one that has beauty and a story and honesty behind it and this will simply last for eternity, regardless of who is looking at it or not.


Documentary Wedding Photography in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the UK


So as a photographer, the way I see is in stories, characters and context. Some couples feel anxious about being around a camera, however if the focus is on you, your wedding and all that is going on around then the results are those once-in-a-lifetime images that last just keep getting better.

That’s why I get so excited before a wedding I never settle the night before as I anticipate the next day is going to be amazing; every wedding, every time.


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Documenting weddings is my absolute passion and a total joy for me. You never know what is going to happen and you have to be ready!

Please see a Full Wedding for a good example of how I operate across the full day including both family images and couple images.

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