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Doushura 8 months ago
How very sexist of you.
Dadal 8 months ago
Who were they "terrorizing" at that point in time?
Nimuro 8 months ago
So now you believe Chuck Todd?
Daigul 8 months ago
Oh yeah. We are still in the seventh day.
Zululmaran 8 months ago
Dear Hollywood Chamber of Commerce,
Voodoobei 8 months ago
This has nothing to do with freedom of speech.
Durn 7 months ago
My only intent was that evil is a problem.
Kar 7 months ago
what definition of god?
Malalmaran 7 months ago
Beto has him so scared, lol...
Vudokree 7 months ago
You're right. It's more like Soviet style politburo "pravda".
Galar 7 months ago
Failed? You didn't look at the link then.
Kalabar 7 months ago
It is .... complicated.
JoJoramar 7 months ago
That seems more spin than anything
Gogal 6 months ago
Repeating something three times isn't evidence.
Faekora 6 months ago
It's ok, no worries mate
Fer 6 months ago
Bet she has never had sex, ever
Mikagul 6 months ago
He shouldn't have been arrested as he dindonuffin.
Meziramar 5 months ago
Ideologies could be considered a tool.
Tejar 5 months ago
Abolish slavery President Lincoln?
Goltirr 5 months ago
Psssssstttttt the article is about Republicans. (not conservatives)
Akilabar 5 months ago
And I wish I could get out.
Zulkibar 5 months ago
How obsessive-compulsive of you.
Kagagami 5 months ago
Thanks for clarifying! :-))
Kigazil 4 months ago
I call it Adam Johnson
Murisar 4 months ago
Because the burden of proof is with the claimant!!!!!
Zulusar 4 months ago
Time Machine huh, I like the sound of that.

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