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Kazramuro 6 months ago
Should we inquire about warts??
Brajinn 6 months ago
How high can the aircraft fly?
JoJolkis 6 months ago
As he should and he should not stop.
Nesho 6 months ago
So you cannot show that something like Satan exists?
Faegal 6 months ago
Your ignorance is showing.
Fenritaur 5 months ago
Cite one source, please.
Gagrel 5 months ago
If My Little Pony came from hell
Magore 5 months ago
What are you referring to as BS ?
Jubar 5 months ago
He is also an asshole.
Akigul 5 months ago
Gender dysphoria is a different animal altogether.
Mujin 5 months ago
You did a worse job at destroying.
Brakus 4 months ago
Sure. I've already covered this in depth earlier:
Tojakora 4 months ago
Their sexual orientation can change, they don't change it.
Shajas 4 months ago
What lies are you talking about????
Dashura 4 months ago
a very Nice morning to u too Deb :)
Malataxe 3 months ago
I?m special enough to be memorized ????
Shaktir 3 months ago
Yes, there is two dogs.
Faeran 3 months ago
Can chaser huh? We should talk :-)
Aralmaran 3 months ago
White Castle honey mustard iz awsome lol! ??
Negor 3 months ago
Proving only that there's a sucker born every minute.
Dat 3 months ago
Anything else you'd like to rant about?
Kazrazshura 3 months ago
nothing bad at all
Salmaran 2 months ago
What can make you act without apology or regret?
Zulkigis 2 months ago
Sorry I do not young lady...

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