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Fenrik 6 months ago
It didn't make sense cuz I'm.not sexy AF? ??
Miktilar 6 months ago
religion is about LOVE first of all.
Malajin 5 months ago
Just say no to delusion ?
Kazrazahn 5 months ago
"wrong" is a nebulous concept.
Voodoobar 5 months ago
Current research shows otherwise.
Faelabar 5 months ago
That's entirely adorable. And also entirely false.
Dozilkree 5 months ago
I am speechless -
Meztigar 5 months ago
here's a personal relationship with Jesus
Meztikus 4 months ago
But it is knowledge.
Mubei 4 months ago
Once again, you slyly evade my challenge.
Kazimi 4 months ago
I have crush on few....
Zoloramar 4 months ago
What and who am I getting for my birthday?
Aralar 4 months ago
"perforce" yeah the deduction is soooooooo obvious!
Vigore 4 months ago
I miss the bats.
Mijora 3 months ago
This is serious o, #Global warming
Golabar 3 months ago
Your leaving out awareness of the emotions at work.
Kigacage 3 months ago
but Germans need Russian Gas.
Doulrajas 3 months ago
yeah, it's apparently still 1950.
Sharan 3 months ago
He hasn't learned to fall right.
JoJogrel 2 months ago
So...she is the finest that Congo has to offer...interesting.
Yozshur 2 months ago
26 and a half years past due
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