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Mardi gras + teen + party games

Mardi gras + teen + party games
From: Namuro
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Added:11 months ago
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Once someone dreaks their trust with me it is hard for me to trust the individual again. My trust has been broken too many times. All though I can forgive the person.

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Mardi gras + teen + party games

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Nikoktilar 11 months ago
What evidence did you present?
Gotilar 10 months ago
After he rolls one up.
Zulkikus 10 months ago
Trump knows what he did. That's why he's sweating.
Tagami 10 months ago
Math doesn't exist outside of the minds of humans.
Tojar 10 months ago
Well, yes, you certainly have got me there!
Mut 10 months ago
Science means constant discovery and change and so
Shaktizuru 9 months ago
Did you not read your own post?
Tojajind 9 months ago
I thought they were two different trees.
Yogar 9 months ago
I have no religion.
Yozshugul 9 months ago
The Times.Anyone with a brain doesn't care.
Arashigul 9 months ago
wow you have no clue.
Mezizshura 8 months ago
Better than this place
Kejar 8 months ago
You might at least use a Tenniel illustration.
Telar 8 months ago
Mauramar 8 months ago
I take it, the Bible isn't your book, then?
Mazum 8 months ago
Please tell me you were being sarcastic.
Kilkree 8 months ago
lime or cherry jello?
Tura 7 months ago
Not a habit not a fantasy.
Maushura 7 months ago
so you're saying you'd only starve 10,000,000 peasants
Kijar 7 months ago
It's wrong I guess
Mekasa 7 months ago
Sorry I didn't know Rules until I scrolled down
Tojacage 7 months ago
Where the hell do they get that from?
Tushakar 7 months ago
I explained it in the other answer.
Mazulrajas 7 months ago
Denunciation is empty space, aka hot air.
Shaktisar 6 months ago
How much knowledge do you have?
Tygogul 6 months ago
this is sad on so many different levels
Tomi 6 months ago
MEn would choose money
Zucage 6 months ago
More like a filthy and disgusting sock.
Tukus 6 months ago
yes Virginia there is a Santa-yana
Togore 5 months ago
Uhm... no politics , no religion....

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