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Documentary Photography based in Scotland and throughout the UK.

About the Portfolio

This portfolio contains just some of the reportage images taken from several weddings Laurie has attended.
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Laurie is a documentary photographer meaning that he always captures images which best convey the stories, emotions and characters from every unique wedding day.
Reportage photography is more than just taking images when people are not looking, it is a style in which the photographer does not interfere with the day, stop the flow of events or ask people to pose. Instead the focus is on the couple and all that goes on during the day resulting in honest and genuine images captured with care and delicacy.
This kind of photography is timeless and will keep you coming back to the album year after year.
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Why Documentary Photography?


Seamill Hydro Wedding – Documentary Wedding Photography Glasgow

Documentary Wedding Photography Glasgow.

Here are a few images from the day at Seamill Hydro. It was a brilliant day and felt like no time at all.

I had the pleasure of working with an amazing videographer Adam from Inspire Video so it will be great to compare and see how the images and video work together.

The Dances – Why I Love Photographing Them!

At the end of the best day of your life you just want to let your hair down and do some dancing and everyone else wants to join you!

I absolutely love staying to document the dancing and I always try to capture that sense of energy and movement by getting right into the crowd on the dancefloor and trying not to get knocked over too much.

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Seamill Hydro Wedding – Documentary Wedding Glasgow

Documentary Wedding Photography Glasgow at Seamill Hydro.

An outdoor wedding at Seamill Hydro is a beautiful thing indeed and it is rarely so perfect as this day was this weekend. What amazing view and a lovely couple.

Keep posted for more images to follow

Melville Castle Wedding – Documentary Wedding Photography Edinburgh

Melville Castle Wedding.
Morningside Parish Church Wedding.

A beautiful day at Morningside Parish church and Melville Castle. Below is a brief selection of images from the day.

New Lanark Wedding Photography – Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland

Documentary Wedding Photography New Lanark.

I had a fantastic time documenting a lovely wedding at the New Lanark Mill Hotel. The people were having such a lovely time and it was great to just see the day develop as it did.

Here are a few images from the special day.

Edinburgh Botanical Gardens Engagement – How I Operate On Engagements

Edinburgh Botanical Gardens Engagement.

When I work with the camera I am really looking to capture a couple as they really are when on an engagement shoot. This means getting to know them as a couple and individually and help them to trust me to be around them, almost as if I honestly wasn’t there.

This is interesting as perseverance prevails and they really do just begin to be themselves after a while and I can begin to see them as they are whislt they are having a good time together.

This means that on the wedding day itself they know exacltly what to expect from me and will generally allow me to operate as I do in a documentary fashion.

For me this is much more challenging as a photographer as it has nothing to do with the camera at all, but that one thing that many photographers forget; people skills. The truth is I love working with people and find it incredibly rewarding seeing them in love together. The ultimate challenge is helping them to forget about me and focus on themselves.

That is how I get all of my images; absolutely no posing or direction and absolutely loads of fun and lovely images together.

There are always stories to tell with images when people are involved, especially a couple in love. Sometimes the story is simply the couple themselves, and then… lots of squirrels appear and you’ve got another story. And then there’s the story of the photographer trying to talk to the groom-to-be in French (he is French)… mmm, je ne sais pas!

New Lanark Wedding Photography – Documentary Wedding Photography Lanarkshire

I had the plasure of documenting a wedding in New Lanark the other day adn I just had to post this image!
The energy and joy of the people is so evident and I just thought it was something a little different.
Documentary Photography Scotland.

Whitley Bay Wedding – St. Mary’s Lighthouse Wedding – Documentary Photography

I travelled to St. Mary’s Whitehouse for a Documentary Wedding at Whitely Bay. It was turbulent and it was damp, however the couple were so happy that none of that really mattered.

The scenery was spectaular and the people were awesome.

The Vu Wedding – Documentary Wedding Photography Edinburgh

Documentary Wedding Photography Edinburgh.

The Vu is a great venue to capture vibrant, energetic colours along with a cosy atmosphere and lots of documentary moments.

This day was lovely to be part of and there were some familiar people there for me which is nice.

Photography Tuition Lanarkshire

Photography Tuition Lanarkshire


I have been a professional photographer for a number of years now and have covered a wide-range of assignments. My website is geared towards my wedding photojournalism work, however I also have worked in portraiture, bridal fashion, landscape, street photography and location-lighting projects.

If you are interested in my one-to-one photography tuition please do contact me either by telephone or using the contact form below.

I am a fully-qualified and registered teacher in Scotland which means it is a joy for me to teach others the skills that have taken me a long time to develop with insights to save aspiring photographers a lot of time and give them the skills necessary to develop within their chosen field.

Whether you are looking to get into photography or have some experience and you wish to brush up on your skills, one-to-one tuition is available in Lanarkshire.

I also offer advice on what kind of equipment to purchase and where to get the equipment. You would be surprised at how little you actually need to get started.