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Documentary Photography based in Scotland and throughout the UK.

About the Portfolio

This portfolio contains just some of the reportage images taken from several weddings Laurie has attended.
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Laurie is a documentary photographer meaning that he always captures images which best convey the stories, emotions and characters from every unique wedding day.
Reportage photography is more than just taking images when people are not looking, it is a style in which the photographer does not interfere with the day, stop the flow of events or ask people to pose. Instead the focus is on the couple and all that goes on during the day resulting in honest and genuine images captured with care and delicacy.
This kind of photography is timeless and will keep you coming back to the album year after year.
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Haven’t Posted in a While!

So it has been a while…
The sheer volume of people who view my work is overwhelming and such a great thing. I honestly do apologise that I haven’t posted in such a long time. The truth is I shot so many weddings this year and last year that I thought ‘I’ll get round to posting that one’. This went on for quite some time!

It’s been a great year for documentary photography and Ive captured some of my most special moments exactly as I wanted to capture them. I’m so obsessed with getting the moments that I genuinely struggle to keep the final selection to a reasonable number now!

Thanks for staying posted and enjoy some of the new content coming this way!

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New Lanaark Wedding Photography

New Lanaark Wedding Photography

A lovely documentary wedding in New Lanark.

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‘How I See’ – The Groom’s Anticipation

‘Right, Let’s Do This’ – The room has just been asked to stand, the groom prepares himself whilst mother basks in the moment she has prepared herself for for his whole life.

I really like to capture the groom’s pre-aisle expression as it is a fairly intense moment for them. The anticipation is what I always try to capture as the bride prepares to unveil herself to the expecting family and friends.

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Shieldhill Castle Wedding Scotland

A wedding at the beautiful Shieldhill Castle in Lanarkshire.

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Chinese Wedding – Tea Ceremony – Seawoo Glasgow

I recently had the pleasure of being at a Chinese Wedding involving some of the most amazing rituals and stories. Here are just a few from the Challenges; where the groom must overcome challenges set by the women to prove his love for his bride!

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Glasgow University Wedding Photography

Glasgow University Wedding Photography
Here is a quick image from a stunning day at Boturich Castle and Glasgow Univeristy Chapel. I will post more soon honest!

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I love these kinds of images

I love these kinds of images

I just adore some things that happen on a wedding day. While everyone is having a great time during the dances I like to look around and see what everyone is doing; young and old. Usually someone is up to something funny and this really caught my eye. A quick adjustment to get some movement in the frame and click! A real memory that both mother and child will be able to look back on for years to come.

Kirknewton Stables Wedding Photography

A beautiful documentary wedding at Kirknewton Stables. I really enjoyed being at this unique and secluded venue after Claire and Keith’s Engagement where we met up on another rather sunny day to explore the grounds.

I just love how much they show that they are in love and so happy. All I wanted to do was document these moments without stopping the flow.

Bothwell Bridge Wedding

Bothwell Bridge Hotel Wedding Photography
I had an absolutely fantastic time documenting Simon and Louise’s Wedding and afterwards at the Bothwell Bridge Hotel.

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Dunblane Hydro Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
Again the weather has continued to be amazing for every wedding so far this year and this day was no different.

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