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Faejora 9 months ago
Hahahaha exams huh? ????????
Nikozshura 9 months ago
Please educate yourself on the KJV .
Mull 9 months ago
A lid for every pot
Voodoojar 9 months ago
The Republicans should have impeached him a year ago.
Mezijar 9 months ago
"The GOP got beat by Trump?"
Faelrajas 8 months ago
You need to first lead them.somewhere.
Brazuru 8 months ago
thats why there's so many gangs!!!
Grokazahn 8 months ago
They swore to 400 pages of facts.
Voodooramar 8 months ago
Worse? Possibly. Dumber? Absolutely.
Tezshura 8 months ago
What an awful thing to say! Typical Christian rhetoric
Yozshugor 8 months ago
Are you a ghost or a vampire?
Arashinris 7 months ago
I agree. Here is my understanding:
Mit 7 months ago
Hahahaha, your a funny dude
Mautaxe 7 months ago
These are fascinating an warranted further research.
Shaktijar 7 months ago
Is that what Sask. river pirates drink?
JoJojinn 7 months ago
You do realize I am an atheist right?
Kagara 7 months ago
And continued government subsidies...
Tezragore 7 months ago
Maukinos 7 months ago
That's a good one, here's the Trump version !
Voodookora 6 months ago
You and this lawn mower! Lol!
JoJokazahn 6 months ago
The outcome of your conversation is that it's over.
Daijinn 6 months ago
From the article on the DailyMail:
Mezikasa 6 months ago
You are welcome to think so.
Gogor 6 months ago
Howdy, 4 comment bot.
Nale 5 months ago
and I love your puns.
Mikalkree 5 months ago
No we are both married.

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