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Again, not OUR founding, no matter how much you cherry pick court cases from different states.

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Perfect female body redhead

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Arajin 9 months ago
I know America can count on you Jesse, Kudos!
Nasida 9 months ago
Yes, Rockefeller Republicans ? 21st Century America needs MORE
Tojarr 9 months ago
I'll be right over!
Dik 9 months ago
How much more "great" can the nation take?
Akiktilar 9 months ago
For the same reason you call your god holy.
Vitilar 9 months ago
There's a word you need to learn, Dearie: Apologetics.
Mezir 8 months ago
Great Quotes In California History:
Tuhn 8 months ago
Nooo leave mAh boys alone
Maujar 8 months ago
Wanna grab a drink after? ??????
Dukora 8 months ago
The Jews don't see it that way.
Nektilar 8 months ago
To let me know she loves me.
Mukora 7 months ago
I don't know how you look.. now I'm curious
Yotaur 7 months ago
But he's welcome to use either restroom.
Perfect female body redhead

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