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Pearl necklace and sex

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Added:8 months ago
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Donny you are a race baiting magnet,you bring this on yourself.I can only speak for myself,I take no joy in telling you over and over you are so obviously a racist and yet you choose to keep spewing your filth.Ther's just no place here for that anymore,WAKE UP.By all means if you feel ganged up on David Mcnamara is the man to speak to in the Dawg House,please do so,I'm willing to accept any punishment dealt to me.

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Pearl necklace and sex
Pearl necklace and sex

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Doutilar 8 months ago
Then you haven't read far enough.
Tegrel 8 months ago
I'm addicted to happiness.
Mooguzuru 7 months ago
Can you identify those Christians by name?
Dolkree 7 months ago
Atleast you know how to pretend like it is
Doudal 7 months ago
Good for you Susan :)
Felabar 7 months ago
You really call yourself ModerateMind????
Yozshugal 7 months ago
A Trip On The Imagination Train
Zulubei 7 months ago
All great qualities to have ;)
Douzshura 6 months ago
And a single mother isnt a father.
Tojataur 6 months ago
Yea!!! I'm so excited for you grandma!!!!!
Domuro 6 months ago
I can't find it.
Zuluzahn 6 months ago
Surrender your salaries, if it's so serious.
Akirn 6 months ago
Thanks GL. I needed that ego boost
Jutaur 6 months ago
DHS has declared them a terrorist organization, I believe.
Malakus 5 months ago
I accept your admiration of my rhetoric! I blush.....
Zuluzilkree 5 months ago
Leftist nonsense, otherwise Hillary would be in jail.
Mauhn 5 months ago
That's right! You know what you did...
Nalabar 5 months ago
That's cool man, Happy Birthday in advance
Brataur 5 months ago
Ah, going penniless and insane. To own the libs.
Pearl necklace and sex

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