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Maubar 9 months ago
Yeah I dont know that many Communist Mexicanos.
Nakazahn 9 months ago
well i live in one of those countries
Disida 9 months ago
That is correct James.
Tygokree 9 months ago
It doesn't really matter that you (or
Kagakus 9 months ago
Why do you care how I know?
Nikolkis 8 months ago
Family tree is bamboo
Dishura 8 months ago
Are you really new ?
Meztikree 8 months ago
Kewl story. False, but kewl.
Maugrel 8 months ago
Me too, or ship them back.
Mujora 8 months ago
Ok. Can you tell us more about "Bella"?
Karamar 7 months ago
I'm from the United States. I'll keep it simple.
JoJojinn 7 months ago
I have to go! I'll talk to you tomorrow!!!
Kamuro 7 months ago
Hate is a strong word....
Digrel 7 months ago
It was reported. Lie number one.
Shakashura 7 months ago
?????? like the Saiyan Prince you are ??
Malacage 6 months ago
You feel like the hardworking ones aren?t getting respect?
Gogor 6 months ago
Let me help with that??
Yozshurn 6 months ago
Well I can't play football in a talent show
Tygojora 6 months ago
What if you deduct the outgoings?
Vot 6 months ago
Elaborate please. Thats what you ask of everyone else.
Arakus 6 months ago
Near Death is NEAR death.
Mulkis 6 months ago
David never leaves the house so...
Mazilkree 5 months ago
He has quite the intellect.
Shasida 5 months ago
Apparently more of a biblical scholar than you are.
Arashakar 5 months ago
no we shouldn't be doing anything.
Zugami 5 months ago
You think that rules aren?t needed?
Kagalar 5 months ago
I don't play the ,"gotcha hypothetical game."
Bazshura 5 months ago
Everything in Arizona has stingers, thorns, claws, or fangs.
Voodoor 5 months ago
Well spotted and well said, Snowflake.
Digor 4 months ago
you need a dictionary.
Japanese massage se fcker

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