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Yogal 8 months ago
the drama prince admires those dictatorships
Dajin 8 months ago
Horrible, they are quite common where I live.
Jukasa 7 months ago
Laws of reality? What do you mean?
Vular 7 months ago
Yes entirely nonsense, of course.
Moogurisar 7 months ago
Elevators that are handicapped friendly
Akilrajas 7 months ago
Because they are not socialist nations.
Faur 7 months ago
How about how many times can you donate?
Voodookazahn 6 months ago
False guilt to control.
Mezuru 6 months ago
Or pro-Christianity, for that matter.
Tazragore 6 months ago
One of my favorite songs ever.
Grozragore 6 months ago
would you want me to be in your class
Dizil 6 months ago
And just why not? Scared?
Tagal 5 months ago
but it's no more valid than any other guess
Meztijinn 5 months ago
Someone should prosecute her parents.
Akinomi 5 months ago
And I said I do not consider them sins.
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