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Imagine going through some records at a thrift shop and coming across this.

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Hot bad girls boobs

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Gajinn 4 months ago
Body, burst of light, no body resurrection
Mezile 4 months ago
Welcome to the community, remember to enjoy...
Danos 4 months ago
You are using the word "proof" ignorantly or disingenuously.
Tygom 4 months ago
The term cult has more than one connotation.
Tojazahn 3 months ago
Why is everyone talking about bacon?
Shaktihn 3 months ago
No, it isn't. Under any legal definition.
Kazirg 3 months ago
Oh? Here's the notion you advanced:
Faurr 3 months ago
No. Comment on the article or not at all.
Tokus 3 months ago
LOLOLOL! Yeah, you got a good point.
Faenos 3 months ago
It's not so bad.
Gojin 3 months ago
haha i also added laugh emoji????
Gutaur 2 months ago
Vanilla and strawberry ice cream
Yokazahn 2 months ago
I never said anything about the Bible. Stop assuming.
Nizragore 2 months ago
So you're probably talking about Isaiah 7:14 then?
Nikolar 2 months ago
Those assholes just sneak in and mess stuff up
Gukree 2 months ago
Does the same apply to Islam religion?
Gunos 2 months ago
How long before he goes to jail?
Femuro 1 month ago
I should f ukn hope so
Samukasa 1 month ago
Indian Mutton Curry Recipe
Doujar 1 month ago
You cannot know if Yeshua was celibate or not.
Dogar 1 month ago
That's all that matters
Arazilkree 1 month ago
I agree - annum004 -
Nikojas 1 month ago
Well it is a very true statement so...

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