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Girls on the street

Girls on the street
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In excess of 60% of the fatalities from the initial blast at Hiroshima were either military or military support personnel.

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Girls on the street
Girls on the street

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Zulujora 9 months ago
No, that's actually Global Warming.
Tejas 9 months ago
Refreshing change from the last administration.
JoJocage 9 months ago
again...what do YOU believe??
Dugul 8 months ago
Thanks. I stand corrected on that.
Dohn 8 months ago
That was nice, really nice
Diramar 8 months ago
The old faiths light their candles all about,
Vulmaran 8 months ago
What wealthy individuals are you referring to?
Domuro 8 months ago
I deported one this morning
Tygozahn 8 months ago
I have a question about the fires myself.
Nejin 8 months ago
Nope, humans aren't animals.
Motaur 7 months ago
No big. I disagree with you a lot.
Bagore 7 months ago
Since when are personal preferences and beliefs factual claims?
Goltisida 7 months ago
Sounds lovely. Dont forget the tent !??
Fauran 7 months ago
Replied sent you one too homie!
Mezahn 7 months ago
easier to believe in reincarnation ;)
Nigore 7 months ago
We will never know .
Zulujin 6 months ago
Abstaining from doing a Nazi comparison.
Faecage 6 months ago
Natalie Gulbis? Spelling? Golfer
Mozuru 6 months ago
What exactly is "hate speech?"
Megami 6 months ago
I don't don't that contraception in itself prevents STD's.
Goltirr 5 months ago
Why did I leave my super comfortable bed? ??
Dogal 5 months ago
Exactly, so it could be worth anything!
Aragore 5 months ago
If you say so booboo. ??
Tojalrajas 5 months ago
Are you a scientist?
Yokinos 5 months ago
Yeeessss thanks Debi ;)

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