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Motto of the virgin islands

From: Kazikree
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Added:8 months ago
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well.. there was a few idiots here on disqus bugging him i told him about people harrasing me too it got so bad i had to make my profile private ( i recently made it unprivate) i told him dont respond to theyre hate what some idiots on disqus want to do is start arguements to like make another person banned on a channel i just hope he's ok.. if he just erased his account to make another account to keep buggers off him i hope he's ok there too

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Faelar 8 months ago
So does the salvation army. Better in fact
Tojall 7 months ago
Apparently you're not, lol.
Mekora 7 months ago
Do you understand the meaning of the word "any"?
Akinogore 7 months ago
I don't have that philosophy.
Shakashicage 7 months ago
Oh well.You can't fix stupid.
Sashakar 6 months ago
The point obviously went WHOOSH! right over your head.
Nikree 6 months ago
I lost my dog too, I feel your pain
Ker 6 months ago
One person's "superstition" is another one's "truth".
Mikami 6 months ago
Morning all. Let's have some fun:
Voodoorisar 6 months ago and women... WTF eh? ?????>??????>??????>?
Kasho 6 months ago
No one said "all" are.
Nikogami 5 months ago
Already did. Your excuses are growing old. You're afraid.
Yozshugami 5 months ago
Or thinking you know anyway
Akinoshicage 5 months ago
Better luck next time snowflakes!
Mern 5 months ago
ikr, isn't that question insane ???
Gara 5 months ago
????, We won't be missing much..
Nik 5 months ago
No, he just blesses and commands those who do.
Kajizshura 5 months ago
Read the Declaration. That is our sublime heritage.
Vudoshura 4 months ago
And I go girl!!
Mazucage 4 months ago
Phenomenon in effect =)
Shakagis 4 months ago
ok stay alone, you've understood everything about politics!
Vidal 4 months ago
The book "16 Crucified Messiahs," and the pseudo-documentary
Jum 4 months ago
So really involuntary boner slaughter... gotcha ??????
Malaramar 3 months ago
That can be a good motivation.
Motto of the virgin islands

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