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Asian funny prank call
Asian funny prank call
Asian funny prank call

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Zuludal 3 months ago
That dude has the 'Q'.
Kigall 3 months ago
And he's the goodest of boys too, I'd bet.
Teshakar 3 months ago
What is it like being perfect?
Dizilkree 2 months ago
I prefer boobs for sure.
Akinok 2 months ago
Oh I think mushrooms are the worst haha
Jurr 2 months ago
1 year 6 months 5 days.. oh nooo
Nesida 2 months ago
Leviticus no longer applies.
Grok 1 month ago
The comment identifies the writer as an idiot.
Tygokasa 1 month ago
Can you explain the above in plain English?
Zule 1 month ago
Darn thing it. Not agian....
Mauk 1 month ago
But.but.that would mean all religious beliefs are.just opinion?
Vigore 1 month ago
I use my laptop
Dile 1 month ago
So you're not insulted. Premise disproved.
Akilmaran 1 month ago
She is a very attractive woman
Kagasida 3 weeks ago
Should have kicked the shit out of ghim
Mebar 3 weeks ago
I know but wiener is funnier.
Mikashakar 3 weeks ago
Awesome, glad to hear.
Asian funny prank call

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