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But why wouldn't the word of God contain an outright condemnation. this Abrahamic deity outright and categorically condemns everything from wearing cloths made of different yarns, eating shellfish or talking back to your elders. Why not a simple Whoever treats other humans as property should be stoned. ?

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3 cds having sex
3 cds having sex

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Maushicage 7 months ago
Don't you have riot to go to?
Murr 6 months ago
Up votes a plenty.... ^^^^^^^^^
Daitilar 6 months ago
What model is that one mate?
Akijind 6 months ago
You have a very vague idea.
Fejin 6 months ago
Ahahaha...thank you dear sir!??
Dugor 5 months ago
Ha! Unfortunately those he killed didn't, did they?
Voodoorr 5 months ago
Poly where did I "deny your creator?"
Yomuro 5 months ago
I've always felt they could just dig tunnels
Mikagrel 5 months ago
"Science has never seen something come from nothing"
Zulucage 5 months ago
Consider the organization Planned Parenthood.
Arajora 4 months ago
ain't THAT the truth :-/
Dakree 4 months ago
What greater good? Be specific. Give an example.
Maukus 4 months ago
Programmed or unprogrammed? (Meeting, not trap door.)

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