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Is ryan seacrest gay or straight

From: Kigalkis
Added:8 months ago
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5000? show me one lie that was ever as deliberate, calculating, repeated, impactful, invasive and harmful as "you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" or the average premium for a family will go down $2500 a year?

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Is ryan seacrest gay or straight

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Tygokinos 8 months ago
I liked Battlefield Earth!
Yozshurisar 7 months ago
I can explain, your Honour!
Malashakar 7 months ago
Alt-left terrorist trash. ^^^
Faugul 7 months ago
"Balls!" said the Queen
Shazuru 7 months ago
WTH is your problem?
Dulmaran 7 months ago
Jesus, Early 20th Century American History, buy a book.
Vizragore 7 months ago
I've yet to see rational justification for the Resurrection.
Mutilar 7 months ago
Not like you have an option.
Faell 7 months ago
Did anyone ask you?
Magal 6 months ago
Is it plausible to assume it was fraud?
Yozshushakar 6 months ago
I'm not sure you do.
Zulkigar 6 months ago
Yeah, I got that the first time.
Goltikus 6 months ago
And yet nobody just hear about this.
Gajin 6 months ago
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Akill 5 months ago
No, it was James Carville, his campaign strategist.
Moogulkis 5 months ago
"Exceptions" are HUMAN BEINGS.
Kazikasa 5 months ago
Awesome rainfall here. I can hear the corn growing
Kagajinn 5 months ago
Should have *never* sold more than 49%.
Kagis 5 months ago
Help himself bullshit Americans first.
Yozshuzragore 5 months ago
Can we put you down for repealing the NFA?
Tekree 4 months ago
not in the least
Meztigore 4 months ago
If no one stands up, eventually.

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