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Kajizahn 3 months ago
shhhh. grown ups are talking.
Tojamuro 3 months ago
Don't know about this one.
Akinokree 2 months ago
Welcome to the club.
Shakagore 2 months ago
When do we meet?
Juzragore 2 months ago
He?s mirroring you, my child.
Torisar 2 months ago
took minutes to type this out, eh chromosome hoarder?
Nakus 2 months ago
That and Narconon is a gateway cult.
Gardazuru 2 months ago
How are them grandkids young man??
Akitaxe 2 months ago
Read my response above. ;-)
Dohn 1 month ago
Google should stick to maps .
Votaxe 1 month ago
This is pure up true.
Zolokinos 1 month ago
? A boy?s best friend is his mother?
Mujas 1 month ago
-you got me! hahaha
Zulugrel 4 weeks ago
As it should be!
Maugal 3 weeks ago
No insults are presented here. Just reality.
Nazilkree 3 weeks ago
what moral measure are you using?
Duran 2 weeks ago
Yep!  Back before drugs addled their brains.
Brazuru 1 week ago
"And it is using their own tactics against them."
Akinoran 2 days ago
I'm sure you believe that

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