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Nigis 9 months ago
I don't find the Bible to be compelling evidence.
Yozshuzshura 9 months ago
Another snide comment, go figure.
Tygoran 9 months ago
So true! She was a rare one.
Vudoran 8 months ago
Well, most books are that way.
Tele 8 months ago
I agree with you in good part.
Bale 8 months ago
Right. Provoking violence is more fun.
Zulkirr 8 months ago
Doesn't Whales and Dolphins need air to breath?
Gardazahn 8 months ago
Yeah I wouldn't stand by that statement.
Zulkizahn 7 months ago
Mueller is, was, and always be a dirty cop
Sakus 7 months ago
Mix of all subject competitive exams..????
Magore 7 months ago
Wait a minute it ain't the 60's??
Dajar 7 months ago
Its pretty clear, Mueller will make it crystal clear.
Brashicage 7 months ago
What a sad view of life.
Voodookree 6 months ago
Well that is just Perfect!!
Nikolrajas 6 months ago
See the previous post
Vudozahn 6 months ago
That is why is right.
Malrajas 6 months ago
Lakerisha. Honestly, those names.
Miktilar 6 months ago
They are actively recruiting kids.
Sexy indian girl shilo

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