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Maybe you should read the evidence I posted on this page given by the Republicans about Rosenstein and the fake dossier. Yeh, John McCain the lying toadie who has never been a Republican, always a fuc-k-in RINO ever since he was old enough to vote in Congress. Just check out his lying toadie voting record. He is one of your dishonest lot. A toadie Democrat in drag.

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Playgirl free image nude men

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Daramar 8 months ago
Listen to momma and always clean ur ears
Mezilkree 8 months ago
I never seen that episode of Mickey Mouse
Tushicage 8 months ago
And yes I support your motion,
Zulukree 8 months ago
no. I don't care what he says.
Miktilar 7 months ago
?Private matters belong in the home?. ??????????????
Kazramuro 7 months ago
Who created he creator?
Kazrasida 7 months ago
Oh boy. That should shake up the hood.
Aragor 7 months ago
Is there a answer for everything?
Mikakasa 7 months ago
I know. He hasn't done it yet.
Shakanris 6 months ago
yeah he was badass
Kazrak 6 months ago
The Power of Love
Daira 6 months ago
Check the definition. Before the left changes it.
Vudoll 6 months ago
that makes no sense
Tehn 6 months ago
No, I love it, ILH!!!
Mulabar 6 months ago
I'm not "demanding" anything.
Yosida 6 months ago
If it?s black throw it back
Taura 5 months ago
You are on a very differnt plane.
Samugami 5 months ago
They would ban him after a while.
Shakazshura 5 months ago
would you want me to be in your class

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