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Well that is clear as mud as the old folks used to say. I guess I am not enough of a mystic for that. I believe faith and reason can walk hand in hand and go together to places humans can live happily and so that would not make me a good Christian OR atheist OR Gnostic by the standards of some of those in those three groups. I know I am too much a mystic to get along with some Christians and too much a believer in using logic to get along with some Christians.

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Free hairy indian galleries
Free hairy indian galleries

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Kem 11 months ago
That's good it's not good to get too drunk.
Doujas 11 months ago
What else can they be if they aren't delusions?
Dokazahn 11 months ago
We're allowing laws to change the meaning of words.
Dorr 10 months ago
Abortion is child murder.
Nakora 10 months ago
what is called slander?
Nagrel 10 months ago
Uh huh. Convenient for you.
Kazirisar 10 months ago
A true master of his domain! All hail vilk!
Vijinn 10 months ago
Thas jus saaaaad. I know that feeling.
Sakora 9 months ago
I love 100s too. And... different horror series.
Mazugami 9 months ago
Liar. Google would have fixed the typo.
Zuluzil 9 months ago
Is he also from India?
Tygonris 9 months ago
I hear he has a great sense of humor
Mezik 9 months ago
Why not? Can't discriminate in today's PC world.
Targ 8 months ago
Then why bring it up?
Mushicage 8 months ago
I should f ukn hope so
Guhn 8 months ago
TY I still cant do that on my phone.
Shaktit 8 months ago
be sure that im sure .have a good day.
Nizuru 8 months ago
Foltin is a Diasporan. Shavit is not.
Arashikree 8 months ago
Remind me of your point if you would.
Meztimi 8 months ago
Karma man, karma! Lol
Vudok 7 months ago
I didnt think so lol
Mull 7 months ago
It's OK, I wear glasses.
Taugami 7 months ago
That's because of government not population rates.
Motaur 7 months ago
Cuz trump hates america
Nekasa 7 months ago
I?m stealing the entirety of this post.

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