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Ass big clip free long phat

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Ok, still with the insults and personal attacks from you. Choosing not to lower myself to mimics your bad manners in posting or abandon the original questions and direction of the conversation from the OP?s post is not a colossal copout, regardless of your baseless assertions.

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Ass big clip free long phat
Ass big clip free long phat
Ass big clip free long phat

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Tuzuru 10 months ago
But it does NOT tasted like milk...;)
Yokus 10 months ago
I'm insane. Me needs no quiz
Akikus 10 months ago
Bless his holy name and bless you too..
Yozshujas 9 months ago
Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.
Goltinris 9 months ago
Oooo that?s good! I?ll have to remember that one!
Gardami 9 months ago
so what did it evolve into? looks the same
Mezirg 9 months ago
F course I'm not sure of what?
Meztikree 9 months ago
Putting a spin on something constitutes a straw man.
Balabar 9 months ago
Yeah, you do. Stop doing that.
Tezuru 8 months ago
I can?t live without mine.
Dimuro 8 months ago
More like skittles and cough syrup for Democrats.....
Nell 8 months ago
God didn't request a male gender,
Faekasa 8 months ago
Jesus WON at the cross?
Taulkree 8 months ago
republicans HAVE the majority right now----did you know?
JoJorisar 7 months ago
Weird taste eh? So what's normal to you? ;)
Tesida 7 months ago
That is a lie.
Kajira 7 months ago
You said that you went to his church.
Vudorg 7 months ago
All the comments are being marked as spam ??
Brabei 7 months ago
Then why did you post it? You shouldn't grasp.
Mashakar 6 months ago
Is that the real hot stuff?
Keshicage 6 months ago
Me too. I got work 2moro at 8am

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