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Shots to make your butt bigger

From: JoJozshura
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Added:9 months ago
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Sounds a lot like your own ignorance of LGBT issues. Sure wish there was a block button for homophobia and transphobia.

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Shots to make your butt bigger
Shots to make your butt bigger

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Shaktinris 9 months ago
Were you there? Nope.
Fauramar 8 months ago
Been there. Done that.
Shaktilar 8 months ago
I have no idea when Christians speak of spiritual.
Junos 8 months ago
Maggot Americans that voted for An As-hole!
Zulkinris 8 months ago
Dang it, I need to remember that!
Mikinos 8 months ago
Western Civilization. Go get a book.
Murisar 8 months ago
Yes she is pretty
Sashura 8 months ago
Hey, get off my lawn! lol
Sasar 7 months ago
Only if by "Cristians" you actually mean "Jihadists."
Dozahn 7 months ago
Romans 1:26-28 Common English Bible (CEB)
Shakazshura 7 months ago
Discussion on Calling all Christians 11 comments
Shagul 7 months ago
These faggots will drive away the NFL's remaining fans.
Vibar 6 months ago
Have you read the bible
Tugul 6 months ago
Says the creature to the creator.
Vilar 6 months ago
Bigots love stuff that allows discrimination
Akinogar 6 months ago
Not meaningless, an opinion.
Groshura 6 months ago
Which black color shade you like?
Kazigul 6 months ago
In short atheism has nothing to say
Vutaxe 5 months ago
I?ll give you a bananer! *he said angrily*
Sajinn 5 months ago
...or Sexy Saturday, you can type ass.
Golticage 5 months ago
No declaration. Simple definition.

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