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Teshura 3 months ago
They don't even hide it.
Jur 3 months ago
Word filter got ya on pvssy.
Dougal 3 months ago
Sorry, it was a typo:
Shakajinn 3 months ago
Thank you Greg! :)
Dougul 3 months ago
Most of humanity falls somewhere in the bisexual range
JoJonos 3 months ago
OK, Ill... It's over; let it go now.
Arashile 2 months ago
There's a Jewish Bible reference:
Sajar 2 months ago
You do know Donny Muslim folk are considered white,right?
Kazira 2 months ago
There you go, babes;
Tygolabar 2 months ago
My results at university told me that.
Mikajas 1 month ago
and you reason this how?
Yozshumi 1 month ago
You always mic'd her up?
Kazibar 1 month ago
Maybe he didn't know what to say.
Faet 1 month ago
"and their brains are already damaged."
Jutaxe 1 month ago
Dancing through the tulips
Yokus 4 weeks ago
Oh Geesh! Glad you survived!!
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