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The idea that a god, or anyone else, has the right to kill another person simply because they worship a different god is despicable and is one of the myriad reasons that I completely reject the god of the bible. What foul character! Thank god (irony that there is no reason to believe that he actually exists. The god of the bible is one of the most despicable creatures in all of fiction.

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Latinas studend sex girls
Latinas studend sex girls
Latinas studend sex girls

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Douzil 8 months ago
So you can prove your point to me.
Arashikus 8 months ago
Is Mr. Moose with him?
Murg 8 months ago
What? Wow! Democratic Socialist!!
Merg 8 months ago
Hi I'm Toad :)
Tezahn 7 months ago
Payback is a bitch.
Samujar 7 months ago
The NSA illegally 'tap/unmask' Trump without a FISA warrant!?!?
Yotaxe 7 months ago
Elaborate please. Thats what you ask of everyone else.
Gujas 7 months ago
And his Grenache is amazing.....
Dusho 7 months ago
And looking for the perfect man. :-)
Kajilabar 6 months ago
this is the kind of stupidity that idiots write:
Nesida 6 months ago
Yeah, right! ?? ??
Faurisar 6 months ago
But what you said was:
Majind 6 months ago
Hi. The person I was replying to is Christian.
Mazugami 6 months ago
Not,that's prohibited in islam
Kigahn 6 months ago
Do they smell nicd
Megami 6 months ago
Make like a tree and leave?
Nikokus 5 months ago
The One True Faith.
Tygogore 5 months ago
I?m not really concerned with what pagans believe.
Shakamuro 5 months ago
So, a doxxing threat? Reported.
Kagagis 5 months ago
And, of course, my namesake...
Akisida 5 months ago
The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
Zulkilrajas 5 months ago
Oh gawd. That poor little boy.
Vudoll 5 months ago
Does anyone know everything???
Arashinos 4 months ago
IMHO it comes back to education.
Maular 4 months ago
To anyone other than you.
Akirg 4 months ago
That' ok, some people call me Jim as well
Latinas studend sex girls

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