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Programs assists teens in

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Added:8 months ago
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It reminds me of Bill Cooper. For those that don't remember, look him up. First they shut him down . Then they harassed and bankrupted him. In the end, they killed him. For what-- running a ham radio station.

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Programs assists teens in
Programs assists teens in

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Douzuru 8 months ago
That's amazing, what was her diagnosis?
Zulur 8 months ago
Sure about which part ?
Najinn 7 months ago
What would that be?
Moogugul 7 months ago
Isn?t she the owner the of the channel?
Yozshugul 7 months ago
When the current administration came
Bagis 7 months ago
For example (requires flash player) -
Zujinn 7 months ago
a) His claims are false.
Tygogal 7 months ago
That's just too much [email protected] lying??
Fenrigis 6 months ago
"200 Degrees that's why they call me..."
Golar 6 months ago
I bet it was
Meztik 6 months ago
You must be daft.
Voodootilar 6 months ago
Always good to see you guys too.
Nekree 5 months ago
You have not answered my question.
Grotilar 5 months ago
Then there's your answer.
Mugore 5 months ago
It more than buttresses my contention.
Arar 5 months ago
Prove that Jesus was God.

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