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Zimmerman was a civilian version of a Barney Fife and deserved to be tried for voluntary manslaughter. His trial was a political one but not for the reason you think it was.

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Free animated strip poker game
Free animated strip poker game

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Tojak 2 months ago
Lol, a sarcastic comment about sarcasm.
Bakree 2 months ago
Obama did try; and that's the point.
Daisida 2 months ago
So who was it?
Kazrasho 2 months ago
A dodge, not an answer.
Voodookree 1 month ago
Sure you wouldn't. (wink)
Akikree 1 month ago
Ooooh dat ova da shoulda look got me weeeeeaaaaakkkk??????
Nagami 1 month ago
Is the GST included ?
Kagakree 1 month ago
We don't have one where I live.
Bajinn 1 month ago
Whatever, Shawsy. Have a nice day.
Kazrashicage 1 month ago
'o' didn't do anything either, it seems.
Fenrilrajas 4 weeks ago
Saul was a bigoted con man.
Samuran 3 weeks ago
Liberals don't shut down those events. Anarchist/troublemakers do.
Bashakar 3 weeks ago
We can know God through His Word.
Zusar 2 weeks ago
Why not just speak for yourself, then?
Zulkishakar 2 weeks ago
Ohhh those are dangeroussss ??
Shaktigul 1 week ago
Yeah, exacly. It turned into the Politodactal Criminalis species
Zulrajas 7 hours ago
What else besides your body?
Free animated strip poker game

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