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Bazshura 1 year ago
I?m triggered by assuming my gender
Dam 1 year ago
Very profound. Probably true.
Tegar 1 year ago
I'll be looking for you if I don't. :)
Meztigrel 11 months ago
Lol... it?s fun. Good night ??????
Mezik 11 months ago
The point was, even the Patriarchs used surrogacy sometimes.
Miktilar 11 months ago
Excellent every dime back before you can apply.
Nikojar 11 months ago
I?ll take that as a yes.....,,
Karamar 11 months ago
Lots of folks had issues with that as well....
Akinojinn 11 months ago
Not really just a mean little lady .??
Brajind 11 months ago
It?s America...choose both ??????
Grolmaran 11 months ago
Why can't a black WOMAN... be a white supremacist?
Visar 11 months ago
I know the bullshit.

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