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Al received his infamous facial scars and

Al received his infamous facial scars and
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But if you don't hear it,it's not a sound. It's just mechanical radiant energy. Obviously. And besides, you've missed the point of my comment. I was using sound waves vs sound as an analogy. An analogy doesn't prove a point but nor does shooting down an analogy disprove the point.

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Al received his infamous facial scars and

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Yozshull 7 months ago
Article says: "substantially affected the region's climate"
Tehn 7 months ago
Not in this forum.
Kazimuro 7 months ago
thats right yes i
Guzragore 7 months ago
lol this is too funny.
Fausar 7 months ago
This is a great question about numbers.
Zulujora 6 months ago
Your welcome, glad I can help
Gukus 6 months ago
I'll make you a deal. As soon as
Doulabar 6 months ago
?????? You are a joke
Goltikora 6 months ago
Trudeau's brother, highly recommends this mosque. 5 stars!
Jugis 6 months ago
Congrats Missouri.... Let your Workers Arise
Digrel 6 months ago
Merkava - you ever drive one?
Zur 5 months ago
Same here just staring my day
Maujas 5 months ago
That's what makes it so sad/
Brabar 5 months ago
I?ve heard her referenced as ?ImaHosa? as well.
Gulkis 5 months ago
Similar in many ways
Matilar 5 months ago
A beer derived from hard lickers
Faetaur 5 months ago
Good Day Princesse------ injuries all healed up now ????
Zulujar 5 months ago
Death is not the end. There is no torture.
Al received his infamous facial scars and

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