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He said Every abortion results in the death of a human being -for that to be true, at the time the abortion was performed it would have to result in the destruction of an actual human person. I used the 5 year old child as an example of such a human person.

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Naughty lesbian heels lingerie video

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Daijinn 7 months ago
I believe so as well
Dikora 7 months ago
Would you border obsessed idiots just grow up already!
Kazralabar 7 months ago
Depends on the week/day/hour :P
Zulkinos 7 months ago
I thought you're 54?
JoJolrajas 6 months ago
How am I incorrect?
Shaktikazahn 6 months ago
according to you, who corrupt them?
Arashijin 6 months ago
oh humans are so messy....
Voodoozragore 6 months ago
The second pic on here
Meztira 5 months ago
Lol! Well that just brightened my day.

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