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NAZI-ism advanced mankind on several fronts. The NAZI rocket scientists, for example, led to the Apollo program for NASA (Werner Von Braun, etc.)

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Lesbian nip and tuck
Lesbian nip and tuck

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Tauzil 5 months ago
Exactly "who" said Seth fought back?
Gar 5 months ago
When it is a beautiful women.
Dolabar 5 months ago
This from the dork nicknamed tomdope.
Faegal 5 months ago
Lol, sorry, got carried away.
Arakazahn 5 months ago
Great Quotes In California History:
Zolor 4 months ago
never complains, always there for me
Gatilar 4 months ago
Yes! No more deadbeats, send them home.
Faukazahn 4 months ago
Abortion is often an invasive procedure.
Yozshugar 4 months ago
And the cure is inevitable. :)
Malagor 4 months ago
That's to say that reverse is the case.
Kazik 3 months ago
Fit gym girl yes please
Voodooktilar 3 months ago
So a typical Disqus poster. Gotcha. :)
Shakahn 3 months ago
ICE is good on a hot day!!!
Mezile 3 months ago
I'm a 19th level cleric. Do I count?
Miramar 3 months ago
That?s not evidence. that?s an attempt at an explanation.
Vudogami 3 months ago
You can't show me how I'm wrong though.
Zull 2 months ago
I didn't go to bed till 2:40
Kazrataxe 2 months ago
coastal erosion is evidence of climate change ?
Mezir 2 months ago
Love ya too, babes. ??

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