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Added:6 months ago
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What da fuk does any of that have to do with today?s wildfires?

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Very sexy pictures oof black guys
Very sexy pictures oof black guys

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Kijas 6 months ago
And you are a French model too.
Doujind 6 months ago
That's messed up man.
Fenrizahn 5 months ago
Here is the broader quote:
Majin 5 months ago
Hard on the gonads for sure .....
Tauzahn 5 months ago
What is the count now??
Kazisida 5 months ago
You have a personal desire to not be punished?
Vujora 5 months ago
Ah you making me blush
Tanris 4 months ago
1 Keeping it to yourself.
Doular 4 months ago
Ok...i need to fake symptoms now....
Mirg 4 months ago
Positive. There are no demons capable of possessing anyone.
Kir 4 months ago
hiding behind my moderator badge .
Monris 4 months ago
Turbans indicate Sikhs - not Muslims.
Nazil 4 months ago
Hahaha not at the moment :)
Daigar 3 months ago
Not my type. All yours.
Gok 3 months ago
Where at?! I wanna slap-a-troll!
Daibar 3 months ago
!invite all the curious people
Shakinos 3 months ago
Time for A Mueller style investigation on insider trading...
Zulkitaxe 3 months ago
Phew, getting hot in here... :-)
Nerr 3 months ago
Gotta be better than the CBC. And cheaper.
Vuran 2 months ago
Your only hope is Paul's Gospel: 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
Nikonos 2 months ago
Spoken by someone who hasn't invested anything into it?
Sarn 2 months ago
This and every show on Bravo!
Mogis 2 months ago
How is it wrong?
Sashakar 1 month ago
1. Don't speak for me.
Samushakar 1 month ago
Unless you're in the Catholic cult there's 66 books.
Balmaran 1 month ago
I love Lucifer. :-)
Gakasa 1 month ago
Hope you Feel Better
Mugal 1 month ago
Except that Sharia came after the writings.
Jugore 4 weeks ago
She was sexual assaulted by a donut.
Very sexy pictures oof black guys

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