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Douzahn 9 months ago
Gradualism is not seen.
Kajirn 8 months ago
They are vote frauds.
Kigahn 8 months ago
nice meeting to you ????
Dirn 8 months ago
Now he's predicting she's a future criminal?
Arashiran 8 months ago
Put Americans to work
Kazrataur 7 months ago
Can you believe it's not butter?
Kat 7 months ago
I wouldn?t touch that with a 10-foot polock.
Zule 7 months ago
Your gold star was a nice deflection.
Vulabar 7 months ago
Then why does he punish us in hell?
Zulushakar 6 months ago
It's there action? You mean "It's their actions?" Obtuse...

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