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Dairr 9 months ago
You conveniently overlook Obama. Interesting.
Meztijar 9 months ago
God you?re just another Christian hate monger. Stickit !!!
Kegore 9 months ago
Beyond hot... stunning :O
Mugor 8 months ago
Exit,stage right, will you?
Bagal 8 months ago
Ok, then you actually believe that NATURE made man?
Kadal 8 months ago
can't find it, I might be thinking of this.
Vudoramar 8 months ago
no, arab actions smears arabs :)
Shaktizuru 8 months ago
You said planet, not universe.
Groll 8 months ago
Christianity is a form of artificial intelligence.
Akimuro 8 months ago
Then you can't claim "alternative" facts.
Akikree 8 months ago
he lost a drop of blood
Tolkis 7 months ago
That's okay because I'll be pulling point anyway! Hooah.
Tuk 7 months ago
Always....???? You?re too cool not to luv!
Ketaxe 7 months ago
Do you believe in the spirit world?
Kigakree 7 months ago
Agree a tear jerker
Faurr 7 months ago
Why do you ask Johanon?
Ditaur 6 months ago
From the bible there were only
Groramar 6 months ago
couldn't sleep with you being up---
Najin 6 months ago
Who said national defense is welfare? Besides you?
Miley cyrus sex vido

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