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Documentary Wedding Photographer Scotland

I consider it an immense privilege to be able to document a couple, with their friends and family on the happiest day of their life. I always get incredibly excited before each and every wedding even after five years of working as a photographer near-constantly. I also love it when clients send me their feedback and so have set up a page for their comments.


We’ve just got back off our honeymoon! We just want to say thank you so much for being a wonderful photographer. The images are amazing! We hope you enjoyed the day  we will be recommending you to anyone we know that gets married ! We can’t wait to see the folio! Thanks again for being so amazing! Everyone loved you and we will send out the link now.
Jasmine and George, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
Hi Laurie,

Thanks so much! The photos are absolutely amazing…we had been looking forward to seeing the photos all week, but these are even better than we imagined! And it’s brilliant to have so many which cover all the parts of the day we didn’t see!

We really couldn’t have been happier with you and it was actually a pleasure for us to have you there on the day – even though most of the time we hardly noticed you! It was really nice to have someone that we felt was so enthusiastic about our big day. And that definitely shows in the photos as you’ve managed to capture lots of lovely wee moments that shows you really paid attention to everything that was going on. We couldn’t be happier with the variety of images and emotions you’ve got…it really goes just feel like watching the day again!

You were absolutely right about the light too – the colours have come out so nicely. The photos in the cemetery are just gorgeous and I can see us showing those off when we’re old and grey and reminiscing about how young and beautiful we once were

Eilidh and Dave, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
We looked at all the photos the other day, they are beautfiul! They made us laugh and cry and relive the day, thank you so much, they were everything we hoped for!
Bethany and Gareth, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
Our wedding pics arrived today! Laurie did a great job of capturing the day and some lovely memories
Nicola and Kinloch, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
On the day (and night before) Laurie was so relaxed I forget that he was there. There was no pressure to conform and we were given a true picture of the entire day, with all those important people represented somewhere along the way…
Naomi and Lee, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
Like a true artist, he has a natural gift for seeing beyond the mundane to the magic beneath it. His images perfectly encapsulate stories, characters and emotions… and he remains calm and professional even in the most stressful of situations!
Matthew Todd, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland

Documentary Wedding Photographer Scotland