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Documentary Photography based in Scotland and throughout the UK.

About the Portfolio

This portfolio contains just some of the reportage images taken from several weddings Laurie has attended.
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Laurie is a documentary photographer meaning that he always captures images which best convey the stories, emotions and characters from every unique wedding day.
Reportage photography is more than just taking images when people are not looking, it is a style in which the photographer does not interfere with the day, stop the flow of events or ask people to pose. Instead the focus is on the couple and all that goes on during the day resulting in honest and genuine images captured with care and delicacy.
This kind of photography is timeless and will keep you coming back to the album year after year.
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Why Documentary Photography?


Haven’t Posted in a While!

So it has been a while…
The sheer volume of people who view my work is overwhelming and such a great thing. I honestly do apologise that I haven’t posted in such a long time. The truth is I shot so many weddings this year and last year that I thought ‘I’ll get round to posting that one’. This went on for quite some time!

It’s been a great year for documentary photography and Ive captured some of my most special moments exactly as I wanted to capture them. I’m so obsessed with getting the moments that I genuinely struggle to keep the final selection to a reasonable number now!

Thanks for staying posted and enjoy some of the new content coming this way!

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Kirknewton Stables Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography Edinburgh.
Kirknewton Stables Wedding Photography

A quick image from today’s fantastic wedding at Kirknewton Stables.

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding at Kirknewton Stables why not get in touch for an informal chat?

City Chambers Wedding Photography – Using the Fuji System

City Chambers Wedding Photography – Fuji X-Pro 1 Wedding
The truly discreet Fuji system is just so useful for getting in very close without intruding at all. Gone are the days you need to hold a huge DSLR to get great images. Although I still have 3 DSLRs I love to use the smaller, more discreet equipment as it really gives me an advantage from a documentary point-of-view in that it looks like I am just taking a snap rather than trying to compose an image.

The great noise control and sharp lenses make these cameras my go-to equipment more frequently, especially during ceremonies and bridal preparations. They are near silent, small and fast; everything you would want from a camera at a wedding.

The Dances – Why I Love Photographing Them!

At the end of the best day of your life you just want to let your hair down and do some dancing and everyone else wants to join you!

I absolutely love staying to document the dancing and I always try to capture that sense of energy and movement by getting right into the crowd on the dancefloor and trying not to get knocked over too much.

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Portobello Engagement Photography – Documentary Photography Edinburgh

When I was set to do an engagement shoot on Portobello I didnt know if the weather would be enough to remove all of your hair with the wind or if the sun would be bursting through – it is Scotland afterall!

However the weather was just perfect this bright morning and I had great fun with the couple.

Graeme Scott Guitarist Portrait

Generally Art is about making choices, setting boundaries and breaking those boundaries within that style. If all we did was do absolutely everything with no limits we wouldn’t really have a defined style.

A number of years ago I heard a statement by a prodigious young guitarist who said: ‘Most people reject styles or aspects of their art because they do not know how to do them. I master a style or music, then reject it. That is true artistic choice.’

What he was really saying was that as artists we are tempted to stick to what we know and try and grow from there. Instead he took the best parts from all styles, completely mastered them and then chose to or not to play them and move on.

This means that we can be well-rounded artists and grow in every area of what we do and as many who know me will have heard me say: ‘photography is just like music and the camera just like an instrument’. So there are clear overlaps there for me.

I have been working on landscapes, street photography, documentary projects, portrait sessions, fashion shoots and in this post studio work. These have some overlaps with my documentary work as a photographer, but not explicitly and it has really pushed my creative boundaries and technical skill as a photographer.

Some see Documentary Wedding Photography as restrictive, but for me it is pure creative freedom and true to my style and what I see. I have made the choice to set some limits to what I do (no posing for example) but as I develop those choices in style should be based not by a lack of skill in those areas but as a method […]

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Published and Featured – Best Scottish Weddings Magazine – Autumn 2013 Issue

If you are researching for a photographer for Scotland or the UK why not: send me an email for an informal chat?

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Loch Lomond Wedding Photography – Documentary Wedding – Lynne and Steven

What a phenomenal day to document at Luss in Loch Lomond with Lynne and Steven. The Scottish weather has never been better either.

If you are researching for a photographer for Scotland or the UK why not: send me an email for an informal chat?

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Shieldhill Castle Wedding Photography – More Documentary Photography

Some more images from the simply amazing day with the hottest weather I’ve ever worked in (in the UK). It reminded me of working in Romania, or it was getting close! Again absolutely none of the images are posed and you can really see the characters, the different points of view and the drama in the day.

If you are researching for a photographer in this area why not: send me an email for an informal chat?

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Inspirational Chat with Kevin Mullins – Documentary Wedding Photography Advice

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting on the phone with legendary photographer Kevin Mullins who critiqued not only my work, but my website and general direction as a documentary wedding photographer.

It is always amazing the impact that a talented artist can have when giving advice and direction. I love critique and strive to constantly improve my images to get the very best I can, but chatting to Kevin opened up so many avenues of thought and brought so many enlightening and inspirational ideas that it may be quite some time before I have digested all of them.

Kevin is an astounding and award winning photographer whose work I have followed for several years so chatting to him was a bit nerve-wracking but he is simply a wonderful guy, very open and relaxed and so encouraging.

I recently documented a wedding in Shieldhill Castle and with all of Kevin’s advice and encouragement I had a fantastic time capturing the day.

Hopefully we will meet or chat again one day, but until then the documenting will continue.

See more of Kevin’s work here.

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