(Behold one of my tools for my work; my camera. I have a few and a number of lenses, however this blog is about how I see and use my equipment in my working life. Maybe this will give you an insight into how a working photographer sees things.)

When I meet with couples before their wedding day I love to get the camera out and do some images with them. What that means is esentailly me taking just one camera and one lens and capturing them just as they are.

This is great as it means on the wedding day itself they won’t be thinking about images at all and also they get some extra images which will be invaluable in a few years time.

I don’t generally talk about equipment but over the years I have realised that smaller, lighter equipment is not only easier to operate quickly but is less obtrusive on a wedding day and in situations which require delicacy.

The truth is you dont need huge cameras and lenses to take amazing images. Some of the greatest documentary photographers use the Fuji system which is far more discreet. I still prefer the weather-proffed ruggedness of the Nikon equipment at the moment due to Scotland being a tad rainier than a tropical rainforrest!

I’ve had the D800 and D3s cameras for quite some time now and they really have been great cameras. Although the megapixel count is huge on the D800 there have been times where the resolution has been helpful. The D800’s noise control is also excellent. Canon seem to be making huge leaps forward in this area, especially with the 6D and 5dmkiii, however it is still very useable at iso 12800 at times.

I […]