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Documentary Photography based in Scotland and throughout the UK.

About the Portfolio

This portfolio contains just some of the reportage images taken from several weddings Laurie has attended.
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Laurie is a documentary photographer meaning that he always captures images which best convey the stories, emotions and characters from every unique wedding day.
Reportage photography is more than just taking images when people are not looking, it is a style in which the photographer does not interfere with the day, stop the flow of events or ask people to pose. Instead the focus is on the couple and all that goes on during the day resulting in honest and genuine images captured with care and delicacy.
This kind of photography is timeless and will keep you coming back to the album year after year.
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Published and Featured – Best Scottish Weddings Magazine – Autumn 2013 Issue

l am eternally grateful to all at The Best Scottish Weddings Magazine for their time and feedback in being featured in the following categories of this Autumn’s issue:
Cover – Bridal Fashion – Makeup – Photo Gallery – Real Life Weddings
I am humbled and honoured to be featured in so many different categories and had the pleasure of working with some amazing artists such as Sarah Baldwin and PanPan Bridal.

If you are researching for a photographer for Scotland or the UK why not: send me an email for an informal chat?

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Best Scottish Weddings Magazine Publication and Couple Images

I am so pleased to announce that this image will be featured in the Slideshow section of the next magazine (along with another publication) which is really exciting. Today I want to talk about why I chose this image for a one-image publication and how it was created. Before I start I am totally open to photographic techniques despite being a Documentary Photographer. Very often at weddings I will take couple images which I won’t necessarily post on my website due to a lack of photojournalistic nature, however I never pose for these and even though we only get 20 minutes together or so this is the kind of images that couples often get.


For the image above I had spent a little while with the couple. As usual I have built such a connection with couples that they don’t mind me being there and I never ask them to do anything so they are just focussing on each other.

Despite being on a dusty, sandy beach I wanted to really draw the attention into the centre of the frame; the connection that is so prevalent here… So.. I took off my lens during the image. This technique is known as free-lensing and it distorts the plane of focus so that the image usually looks a little different. Here it added something to the nice image and made it into something more special and ethereal. There is only one place your eyes are looking as a result.

This technique is risky and the moment was fleeting but it paid off. I was around 2 or 3 feet away from the couple which just goes to show how a photographer can be delicate yet present. This is a result […]

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Loch Lomond Wedding Photography – Documentary Wedding – Lynne and Steven

What a phenomenal day to document at Luss in Loch Lomond with Lynne and Steven. The Scottish weather has never been better either. This wedding will be published twice in the fantastic Best Scottish Weddings Magazine in the next issue.

If you are researching for a photographer for Scotland or the UK why not: send me an email for an informal chat?

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Published – Scottish Wedding Directory

It’s always nice to see your work published on the 3rd page of the Scottish Wedding Directory. See previous blog for other publications.

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Published – Back Cover of Best Scottish Wedding Magazine

I know its not documentary but when you get the chance to work with some of the best in the country you do it!
I had a great time shooting for PanPan Bridal (award winning dress maker) and working with Lisa Hendrie (model), Sarah Baldwin (award winning makeup artist), Dixon Reid (award winning hair stylists) in the Waldorf Astoria Caldeonian Hotel. We were given access to pretty much every room for the whole day.

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