Generally Art is about making choices, setting boundaries and breaking those boundaries within that style. If all we did was do absolutely everything with no limits we wouldn’t really have a defined style.

A number of years ago I heard a statement by a prodigious young guitarist who said: ‘Most people reject styles or aspects of their art because they do not know how to do them. I master a style or music, then reject it. That is true artistic choice.’

What he was really saying was that as artists we are tempted to stick to what we know and try and grow from there. Instead he took the best parts from all styles, completely mastered them and then chose to or not to play them and move on.

This means that we can be well-rounded artists and grow in every area of what we do and as many who know me will have heard me say: ‘photography is just like music and the camera just like an instrument’. So there are clear overlaps there for me.

I have been working on landscapes, street photography, documentary projects, portrait sessions, fashion shoots and in this post studio work. These have some overlaps with my documentary work as a photographer, but not explicitly and it has really pushed my creative boundaries and technical skill as a photographer.

Some see Documentary Wedding Photography as restrictive, but for me it is pure creative freedom and true to my style and what I see. I have made the choice to set some limits to what I do (no posing for example) but as I develop those choices in style should be based not by a lack of skill in those areas but as a method […]