Photography Tuition Lanarkshire


I have been a professional photographer for a number of years now and have covered a wide-range of assignments. My website is geared towards my wedding photojournalism work, however I also have worked in portraiture, bridal fashion, landscape, street photography and location-lighting projects.

If you are interested in my one-to-one photography tuition please do contact me either by telephone or using the contact form below.

I am a fully-qualified and registered teacher in Scotland which means it is a joy for me to teach others the skills that have taken me a long time to develop with insights to save aspiring photographers a lot of time and give them the skills necessary to develop within their chosen field.

Whether you are looking to get into photography or have some experience and you wish to brush up on your skills, one-to-one tuition is available in Lanarkshire.

I also offer advice on what kind of equipment to purchase and where to get the equipment. You would be surprised at how little you actually need to get started.