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Transexuelle39351 vidos - iWank TV
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Personally, I find the idea that an all powerful God has no recourse but to destroy the world a rather illogical one, but I try not to judge other people's beliefs. But if you truly think that the world will be destroyed anyway, there really is no motivation to make it better. So in that respect, those who believe as you do are not very useful in fixing problems with the world.

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Transexuelle39351 vidos - iWank TV
Transexuelle39351 vidos - iWank TV

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Nagrel 7 months ago
Yeah it can make a person pretty drunk.
Nara 7 months ago
So no argument from your side. Noted
Gazragore 6 months ago
It is based on faith, not claim of fact.
Daidal 6 months ago
What did Muhammad preach in the early Meccan period?
Arashizahn 6 months ago
"Ummm... this topic is about Alex jones. "
Gataxe 6 months ago
So, god is not the creator of all, gotcha
Kigahn 6 months ago
Slicing??? There is only one way to eat bread
Daktilar 6 months ago
We should be busting all their balls.
Transexuelle39351 vidos - iWank TV

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