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I pointed out examples where land had been destroyed by private hands after the government gave access. I doubt you can give me examples where the government ceding control has improved land for future generations.

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Men breast bigger then 38ff
Men breast bigger then 38ff
Men breast bigger then 38ff

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Tetilar 4 months ago
Then there's no need for a law prohibiting such.
Fenritaxe 4 months ago
Yea!!! I'm so excited for you grandma!!!!!
Dut 4 months ago
No, you originally posted
Shahn 3 months ago
I hope you find justice, I wish you well
Temuro 3 months ago
That's not the only copy from the underlying article
Tojalar 3 months ago
Sigh...I was actually hoping they'd stop shipping us oil.
Gromi 3 months ago
"We've opened our yaps, and we can't get up!"
Arashimuro 3 months ago
Really the university just lends their name?
Tygogar 2 months ago
The second amendment covers swords and knives too.
Nigrel 2 months ago
Why should we be prideful of silly ideas ?
Sagis 2 months ago
Did you not read your own post?
Mimuro 1 month ago
Nowdays she is coming very less :((
Arashigami 1 month ago
Could you tell I was smiling?
Donris 1 month ago
You: "Veiling the true messages in the scriptures"
Tetaur 1 month ago
I am a Christ follower.
Kijas 1 month ago
Not funny but sad, isn't it?
Doushura 1 month ago
You really love blurting out "wrong" don't you?
Shajar 4 weeks ago
He can't help himself
Vudokasa 3 weeks ago
Do your own research
Zulunos 1 week ago
Buttons like an organ!!??????????

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