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Elf party santas sexy

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Added:11 months ago
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TQ, it's tedious to read the article for every poster & appreciated when someone else step up, Gretchen.

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Elf party santas sexy

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Mikat 11 months ago
We're talking Billions sent out each year.
Mogrel 11 months ago
okay I just use the firestick .lol
Basar 11 months ago
It is. It is obvious.
Taudal 10 months ago
Compared to most food
Mikajora 10 months ago
Haha.. let's roll together
Kigakazahn 10 months ago
would you say yes?
Faern 10 months ago
Mocking you is exactly what makes me hilarious.
Kajizragore 9 months ago
Congratulations. I didn't think you were that old though.
Arashimi 9 months ago
"If" upon "if upon "if.'
Got 9 months ago
Aren't they the same thing?
Yodal 9 months ago
It WAS NOT a bet, bless your heart.
Tygogar 8 months ago
im not sure tbf
Vudozragore 8 months ago
Why else would I bother with DISQUS?
Gromi 8 months ago
"Compulsive", with a "u". Thanks.
Kagale 8 months ago
Nope,just the only HONEST hoe.....your playin a shameless game
Arall 8 months ago
What is your point? catholic priests are Humans too!
Zulkidal 7 months ago
Oh please don?t ??
Tuk 7 months ago
Perhaps he carefully calculated?
Arashimi 7 months ago
Thank you. I couldn?t agree more.
Dorr 7 months ago
The true story goes like this.
Kegul 7 months ago
Now relate that to the topic. And go.
Meztikree 7 months ago
"Christian" (fundamental/biblical) explanations disagree with scientific ones.
Gatilar 6 months ago
Would you rather never wake up?
Kazrajind 6 months ago
Angry at how the originals ended bro and u?
Migis 6 months ago
I'm just hanging out until I get sleepy
Maugor 6 months ago
Not the point, again.
Gojora 6 months ago
Thank you so much. :-)
Nebei 6 months ago
They were all out of taxis
Yozshut 6 months ago
Zombie apocalypse comes once every Election Day.
Vurisar 5 months ago
they wrote an entire article on hair

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