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Dunno about liberals, I'm a fiscal conservative who understands the constitution. Registered republican my whole life.

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Pretty Girl Boutique
Pretty Girl Boutique

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Zuluktilar 11 months ago
Middle finger is all Deep State Mueller should get.
Mubar 11 months ago
Same story in each case. Nice try.
Samuzilkree 10 months ago
True. All is one and one is all.
Vunris 10 months ago
Yes, I'm sure she would.
Zolozahn 10 months ago
In September it will be $17.00,whoopee! /sarc
Kazralmaran 10 months ago
Man what are you smoking.
Tokora 10 months ago
Since when does the government assist in procuring sex?
Akinomuro 9 months ago
You ask people who haven't even said that.
Mizuru 9 months ago
They infiltrated the charter schools, eh?
Aragal 9 months ago
The feast has begun !!
Akirr 9 months ago
You are most welcome, James??
Mikagore 9 months ago
Drejka?s gotta countersue. Play their game.
Kidal 9 months ago
My post is inclusionary.both, not just one side.
Togis 8 months ago
Agreed 100% with you this time
Faegore 8 months ago
Thanks for the explanation.
Kazira 8 months ago
Sharp as a bowling ball
Vunris 8 months ago
Do you believe the story of Jonah is historical?
Voodoorn 8 months ago
liberal ones..... not so much
Mikajora 8 months ago
It identifies the source of our rights.
Vugul 7 months ago
That's not how it works.
Taurn 7 months ago
And one's name can be blotted out.
Kihn 7 months ago
Oh please you're awesome
Pretty Girl Boutique

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