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Yes.. Donald can't string a sentence together, there's not a hint of composure there, seeking sense, asking a Camel to swim shit? Too unbalanced, Head goes under! Game over. Even O know it.

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Mom boy fuck galleries
Mom boy fuck galleries
Mom boy fuck galleries

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Nigar 9 months ago
Ha ha.right.just keep on believing that.
Doucage 8 months ago
Then quote me as saying that.
Kazishakar 8 months ago
Cats have tails. Obvious. No need for proof.
Jurg 8 months ago
That's what Hitler said
Faushura 8 months ago
That is the script, yes. Well recited.
Meziktilar 8 months ago
Prove America wasn't great before Trump.
Gardazahn 7 months ago
The "usally" I didn't even notice......that meme sucks.
Arashinris 7 months ago
You know less than he does.
Meztikasa 7 months ago
Nope, I'm the family P.U.N.K.
Yozshumuro 7 months ago
Your strawman is as
Mahn 7 months ago
Go ahead you can sing, it is alright.
JoJotaxe 6 months ago
Butter on mine, please. :)
Vudozil 6 months ago
How about receiving masturbation from your wife?
Dojinn 6 months ago
Everything ultimately ends up with the Illuminati.
Faekazahn 6 months ago
Like SOB Trump? No pal, that's "con normal".
Doushura 6 months ago
One term for the filthy turdeau turdlings...
Goltigar 6 months ago
lol..... ya but remember who was the pres. then....
Mazuk 5 months ago
God answers our prayers (always).
Gak 5 months ago
THAT Is A GOOD suggestion.
Gakora 5 months ago
That?s what I was suggesting.

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