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Yes.. Donald can't string a sentence together, there's not a hint of composure there, seeking sense, asking a Camel to swim shit? Too unbalanced, Head goes under! Game over. Even O know it.

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Mom boy fuck galleries
Mom boy fuck galleries
Mom boy fuck galleries

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Nigar 11 months ago
Ha ha.right.just keep on believing that.
Doucage 10 months ago
Then quote me as saying that.
Kazishakar 10 months ago
Cats have tails. Obvious. No need for proof.
Jurg 10 months ago
That's what Hitler said
Faushura 10 months ago
That is the script, yes. Well recited.
Meziktilar 10 months ago
Prove America wasn't great before Trump.
Gardazahn 9 months ago
The "usally" I didn't even notice......that meme sucks.
Arashinris 9 months ago
You know less than he does.
Meztikasa 9 months ago
Nope, I'm the family P.U.N.K.
Yozshumuro 9 months ago
Your strawman is as
Mahn 9 months ago
Go ahead you can sing, it is alright.
JoJotaxe 8 months ago
Butter on mine, please. :)
Vudozil 8 months ago
How about receiving masturbation from your wife?
Dojinn 8 months ago
Everything ultimately ends up with the Illuminati.
Faekazahn 8 months ago
Like SOB Trump? No pal, that's "con normal".
Doushura 8 months ago
One term for the filthy turdeau turdlings...
Goltigar 8 months ago
lol..... ya but remember who was the pres. then....
Mazuk 7 months ago
God answers our prayers (always).
Gak 7 months ago
THAT Is A GOOD suggestion.
Gakora 7 months ago
That?s what I was suggesting.

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