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Erotic stories first betrayal

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Not sure which event in Baltimore...... But as far as Ferguson is considered, hopefully they still do business the right way. If you touch a cop or anyone for that matter, you are putting your self in the position to be shot. Pants up.. Don't loot !!!!!!!

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Erotic stories first betrayal

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Gakasa 11 months ago
He is a misogynist.
Yojar 11 months ago
Haha do you have some good ones?
Kimi 10 months ago
Is that a serious question?
Kigagore 10 months ago
As a former insensate object I oppose abortion.
Milmaran 10 months ago
It was never about cake.
Faelkree 10 months ago
You know that's not an answer to my question.
Tygozuru 10 months ago
You are quite ignorant, on top of being vile.
Gosar 10 months ago
Ooooh! Please do share! :-)
Nakinos 9 months ago
Can you prove God does not exist?
Yojin 9 months ago
newest quote to add to that list:
Guzahn 9 months ago
I am young lady
Niktilar 9 months ago
Is a child not a person?
Vushicage 9 months ago
Fat chance he'll pick up a book.
Akill 9 months ago
See the video i posted above.
Mijora 8 months ago
I didn't mention Christians.
Mazutaur 8 months ago
LOL If this one gets any dumber...
Zular 8 months ago
What is immoral sexual activity ?
Brazragore 8 months ago
Good idea, find native plants to your state
Taujas 8 months ago
Thank yourself pretty lady
Dugore 8 months ago
that is an offer I will not refuse.
Erotic stories first betrayal

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