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Black large man penis
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Isn't sin a word that relates primarily to God. A boo boo to a non believer may be a sin to God. So sin is specific to God and wouldn't really be of any importance to someone who doesn't believe in God. right? Sin is not a word they would include in their vocabulary. Not that that changes anything.

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Black large man penis
Black large man penis
Black large man penis

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Dumi 8 months ago
all you have is your head up your 'ASS'-umptions
Nikozil 8 months ago
No no no I meant barbecue me chicken! :)
Kajidal 8 months ago
And here's how to
Gardagrel 8 months ago
That dude has the 'Q'.
Yole 8 months ago
dis-assembling the Wynne nanny state, $1.00 at a time!
Nikojind 8 months ago
LOL! Me too actually.
Kagazuru 8 months ago
I knew you'd know I know you knew.
Tamuro 7 months ago
Oh wow, I thought you were teasing
Tojakus 7 months ago
Thank you James I try my best!
Yogrel 7 months ago
Nope has always been that way.
Maugar 7 months ago
Irelevent to the rape the bible calls godly
Kazil 7 months ago
Drunk people say stupid things.....not exactly breaking news.
Kigazil 6 months ago
Red state people have their own way.
Vohn 6 months ago
is this a joke?
Tujin 6 months ago
It just doesn't end with the sleazballs!
Mezikus 6 months ago
Sounds nice- To bad American Democrats aren't like that
Tauzilkree 6 months ago
You watching Hockey again tonight???
Faubar 5 months ago
0.8% and 1600 votes. Damn close.
Gami 5 months ago
Lopez is typing pure hogwash
Black large man penis

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