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Teen court is to interrupt

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Canada has become the joke of the world. A jerk for a PM who thinks his ESL cabinet and all those U.S. rejects will be forgotten next year at election time? Freeland's Nazee grandfather she forgot to mention? Hussen from Somalia partying at the SUYA SPOT RESTAURANT, a known Nigerian hangout for the Black Axe criminal syndicate and of course, there is Goodale - politically correct and chickenie. Yuck. You voted for them. Oh, and is Sasha Trudeau still working for Iranian media?

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Teen court is to interrupt
Teen court is to interrupt

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Taramar 11 months ago
Gender Dysphoria is STILL a DSM5 (or 3? disorder.
Grozragore 10 months ago
10 hours? Porn isn't that entertaining.
Tokora 10 months ago
that its just media hysteria
Neshakar 10 months ago
I think Penn Jillett said:
Tolabar 10 months ago
When oil prices goes up? Does Russia benefit?
Meztijinn 10 months ago
Denial does not equal disbelief.
Zugore 10 months ago
It IS all about control.
Musar 9 months ago
Lol little bass dude
Zolosida 9 months ago
And yet we use it all the time.........
Dait 9 months ago
I always give you an upvote. ??
Nitaur 9 months ago
How do you decide so with the divine?
Zulugor 9 months ago
That's my son, Truth seeker.
Teen court is to interrupt

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