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Hello there. My name is Laurie Gray and I’m a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the UK. Simply put as a Documentary Photographer I tell stories using my camera. This may sound a bit odd but I want every image I take to tell a story, reveal characters and emotions, capture beautiful moments or, when possible, all of these in one.

For me it is simple; by the time your wedding day arrives you will be ready for the happiest day of your life and your family and friends will all be with you to celebrate. All of the moments, stories and memories will begin to happen all by themselves so the last thing you need is being interrupted, directed to do something or being told to “smile”. What I do though is capture the very best images I can and do so with sincerity, delicacy and care.

I am so passionate about people and I have always marvelled that when people meet together for a wedding the most amazing things happen. They always happen; people laugh, burst into tears, show their character and do the most interesting things.

On your wedding day I will be there to document all of that goes on during the course of the day without directing or interfering with the most special day of your life. Your day will have its own stories to tell and you’ll be too busy enjoying yourselves to stand posing for the camera.

As a true Documentary Photographer I believe that it is essential to have a well-trained eye, a highly tuned ability to predict when moments are going to happen and to be able to naturally and instantly weave the elements of lighting and composition. Many of the photographs I take happen so quickly that I have mere moments to predict, prepare and capture the image; an image that will never be able to be captured again.

I believe it is really important to have beautiful images of your wedding day. But the joy of documenting means that you get so much more than simply a stunning image, you get an image which is a true representation of what happened while also combining a story, a personality, layers of interest that keep you coming back for years and years to come.

Why not read more about my style in my short pageĀ Why Documentary Photography? to see why I do what I do at weddings or view what clients are saying?

Please have a look at my portfolio for a better flavour of my work and also keep up to date with my most recent work by looking at my recent blog posts.



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We looked at all the photos the other day, they are beautfiul! They made us laugh and cry and relive the day, thank you so much, they were everything we hoped for!
Bethany and Gareth, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
Our wedding pics arrived today! Laurie did a great job of capturing the day and some lovely memories
Nicola and Kinloch, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
On the day (and night before) Laurie was so relaxed I forget that he was there. There was no pressure to conform and we were given a true picture of the entire day, with all those important people represented somewhere along the way…
Naomi and Lee, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland
Like a true artist, he has a natural gift for seeing beyond the mundane to the magic beneath it. His images perfectly encapsulate stories, characters and emotions… and he remains calm and professional even in the most stressful of situations!
Matthew Todd, Documentary Wedding Photography Scotland